What is CyberSpacePlanet.com?

Let’s start with what it is not. Cyberspaceplanet.com is not a “reputation” company. We don’t want your money to assist in removing your name from sites…. as a matter of fact, we don’t want your money at all!

We do things differently. We believe that the way to make a better Internet is to make a positive cyber space, a place where the community lives in peace. A place where the Internet is to exchange ideas and to help each other, to honor what is best about us at the expense of negativity.

We encourage site owners where third parties are allowed to post commentary to join us! Unlike many reputation companies, we don’t participate in facilitating the exchange of money for removals.  The site owner and the person posted will get the satisfaction of helping turn the negativity around in favor of building a better world.  We know that this may be a turn off to some site owners and that’s ok.  Not charging people to remove content is not for everyone.

If you were referred to this page by a participating website, use the form here to contact us.

We promise this:

1) we won’t ask you for money,

2) we won’t ask you to say anything negative about anyone in exchange for our service,

3) we will give you a reason for real hope that the Internet will become a positive place to exchange ideas and to honor those who sacrifice in the service of others …

Come help us make the Internet a positive place!  If you contact us, please allow 3-5 days to get a response.  We provide this free of charge to you and appreciate your patience.