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To begin the process of removing your post from a referring site:

Please fill out the information below.  You must use a real email address from an organization or a personal gmail address (addresses such as protonmail, hushmail and the such are not allowed).  Also, you must use your real name when contacting us.  You may be the person posted or the person who made the original post.  You can also be the attorney for either party but reputation companies being paid for removal of names are prohibited.

Please fill out the form below to begin.  We reserve the right to request additional documentation from you.  We are offering a free service that is an alternative to litigation or paid reputation companies, therefore we reserve the right to turn people away.  If you deal with us with honesty, using your real name, don’t lie to us, then we will help you…. and will never, ever, ever, ask you for money.

Think of us as the peace and love hippies of the Internet.  Do not contact us with mean words, rudeness or threats please.  Also, we will ask you to participate in a positive project that will make you feel good and forget this negativity.  It will take less than 45 min of your time and will make you and others feel better and also get you removed from the sites at issue.  Everyone wins when our positive humanity wins!